Eliminate Ladder Howling and Find
Peace of Mind with Ladder Rung Plugs
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Ladder Rung Plugs Made in USA

Transport your ladders quietly and conveniently with ladder rung plugs from LRP Supply.

With 20 years in the industry, LRP Supply understands exactly what you're talking about when you complain about "howling ladders", and has the solution to this irritating problem with ladder rung plugs.

These patented plugs work by fitting snugly into the holes in the ladder rungs, preventing the air that produces the howling from passing through. They're easy to apply, and stay firmly attached.

Imagine how much more enjoyable your long drives will be when you can actually listen to music or hold a conversation without being drowned out by the howling from your ladder; you'll never want to travel without the ladder rung plugs again.

Our ladder rung plugs are guaranteed to fit any size ladder on any vehicle, and are available in packages of 24 for only $9.99 plus S&H.

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